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Youth Wellness and Development Hunts


Children of all ages benefit from Social-Emotional learning (SEL). Defined by the Committee for Children as “the process of developing the self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work, and life success,” SEL is becoming an increased priority in schools and other youth organizations. SEL activities enhance students’ connection to school, classroom behavior, and academic achievement. 

Tropical Treasure Hunt’s team building adventures naturally support many important components of SEL, such as teamwork, creativity, and maintaining positive relationships. Students will practice these important behaviors during the competitions, which result in a prize for the winning team but that also are low-risk developmental situations. These behaviors support skills already being developed in classroom settings.

Skills Needed for Your Adventure

An illustration of a pirate treasure map


Students must work as a team and learn to appreciate others’ perspectives.

Illustration of an open treasure chest


Creative thinking is essential, and students can make a pirate impersonation video.

An illustration of a pirate treasure map

Goal Setting

They will set and achieve positive goals by completing each part of the treasure hunt.

St. Thomas Treasure Hunts


Students are given responsibility for managing their time and making decisions as a team.

Illustration of a message in a bottle


Students create fun memories with their teammates by playing fun games and completing activities together.

An illustration of a pirate treasure map

Interpersonal Situations

Together, teams will celebrate success, handle the disappointment of losing, and balance fun with focus.

What Can Our Team Expect?

Black and white illustration of an island

Explore the beautiful island of St. Thomas by hunting for buried treasure and solving brain-teasing clues with your team.

Black and white illustration of an island

Compete in team-based competitions and activities on land or sea which can include a community service event.

Black and white illustration of an island

Experience a four to five-hour custom adventure to develop several critical social and emotional skills while having a blast with your crew.

Black and white illustration of an island

Leverage tools to solve the challenges faced during the adventure in order to be the first to find the pirate’s booty.

Black and white illustration of an island

Enjoy multiple attractions including the Pirates’ Treasure Museum while learning about the history of piracy in the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean. 

Black and white illustration of an island

Show your team and swashbuckling spirit with our provided pirate swag and optional apparel items.

Designing a Team Building Hunt Is Easy

Fill out our form with the date your team is considering, a head count, and details about the event you are looking to host.

During a complementary consultation, review the fun activities and competitions to best determine the most ideal for your crew.

Select teams, captains, and a potential treasure for the winners.

Enjoy a memorable team event that will help build camaraderie and skills.

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