On-Site Entertainment

Guests try to solve the puzzles in the Mobile Escape Room Tent

Mobile Escape Room

Now available at an event near you! Our Mobile Escape room tent features up to 30 minutes of mind-teasing fun! Can you and your group open all seven boxes and break Blackbeard’s Curse?

Live Actors

Have you ever wanted to meet a real pirate? What about a spy? Now you can! Our skilled pirate actors are available for hire for individual events or can be added to any of our private hunts.

Two pirates look on while a guest tries to open a treasure chest
A man in a gravel parking lot and a protective face mask draws a bow and arrow toward a target

Archery Tag

Practice strategy and teamwork while exercising your body! Our padded arrows, helmet, and targets allow the players to safely sharpen their hand eye coordination while building their collaboration.

Augmented Reality

Our state-of-the-art augmented reality technology is now available for remote team building activities!

A computer generated blue crystal floats in a sea of shining white and blue light in a computer generated wooden treasure chest