CURA Freight Particpates in Team Building Event with Tropical Treasure Hunt

Three people bend over a sandcastle on the beach. There are sandcastle molds, shells, and seaweed in the castle.

February 11, 2023

Tropical Treasure Hunt’s expansion continues, hosting the first corporate team building event of its new location in St. Pete Beach on Saturday, January 21. 

Local logistics solutions provider CURA Freight gathered at Upham Beach to participate in a custom event with Tropical Treasure Hunt that included team competitions, solving riddles and puzzles, and creativity. The team had a blast with the fun and challenging activities of the day. Said CEO Eddie Santucci, “We haven’t laughed so hard as a group like that. It was fun.” Team member Anastaija said in her review, “It was so so much fun interacting with each other, laughing and cheering one another with so creative games that kept us curious till the end.”

Four people with thumbs up stand behind a sandcastle with two large tiers and several small tiers on the beach.

Teams are judged on quality, creativity, and teamwork. Pictured is the winning sandcastle and its creators.

The twenty employees divided into four teams of five and competed in three team competitions as well as a pirate-themed treasure hunt bar crawl. The teams competed in the Blindfold Maze, the Mobile Escape Room Tent, and the Create A Castle Competition, then searched for clues in local hot spots Mad Beach Brewery and Pirates Pub -N- Grub.

Four people lean over a table filled with treasure chests and paper puzzles.

Teams must figure out how to open the lockboxes in the Mobile Escape Room.

In the Blindfolded Maze, one team member directs their blindfolded partner around a rope maze filled with obstacles, dead ends, and other challenges. The team with the fastest average time wins this competition. The Mobile Escape Room is a 30-minute escape room competition in which the team has to solve puzzles, unlock 7 boxes, and break Blackbeard’s curse with the fastest time. The Create A Castle competition requires team members to collaborate creatively while using sandcastle molds, shells, and other beach treasures to build sandcastles. The teams are judged on quality of design, creativity, and teamwork. Create A Castle founder and owner Kevin Lane weighed in as one of the judges, saying “When we saw what they built and the speed at which they built their castles and layouts we were stunned!…Bravo to all of the artists who left it all on the beach that day and built masterpieces out of sand and water!” Team members then had to find a variety of clues including crossword puzzles, picture clues, and hidden ink clues at Mad Beach Brewery and Pirates Pub -N- Grub.

A blindfolded man walking through a rope maze takes a big step over a sandcastle. A woman in a pirate costume with an iPad for scorekeeping looks on.

The Blindfold Maze requires communication, listening, and trust from participants.

The competitions included in Tropical Treasure Hunt’s team building events enable employees to practice crucial skills such as communication, collaboration, leadership, community, critical thinking, and time management while spending time together in non-work settings. These activities lead to stronger connections among team members and level the playing field between employees and leaders. Tropical Treasure Hunt encourages company leaders to nominate future company leaders to captain each team, giving them the opportunity to make decisions that impact the team and their score. The CURA Freight event’s Blindfold Maze included an option for blindfolded team members to carry an egg in a spoon through the maze, earning 30 seconds off the team’s score. Company leaders love that their future leaders get the chance to lead their team in a high-pressure, low-risk decision making situation.

Three people sit at a bar with clues and puzzles before them.

The winning team at Pirates' Pub -N- Grub solves the final clues.

Tropical Treasure Hunt has been offering its premier team building services in St. Thomas, USVI since 2018. Companies that have benefited from its service include USVI Housing Finance Authority, FirstBank, WTJX, Antilles School, VI Montessori School & International Academy, and more. Tropical Treasure Hunt opened its second location in St. Pete Beach in September 2022, and has already begun offering its private treasure hunt adventures in the area.

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