Come and Revel with the Tropical Treasure Hunt Pirate Party. Feb 26, 2022

Come and Revel with the Tropical Treasure Hunt Pirate

February 7, 2022

Welcome me Hearties!

Located on the beautiful island of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, is Tropical Treasure Hunt Co. – directly across the street from Havensite Mall in The Plaza. Thar be smooth sailing and fair winds blowing, as ye take a jaunt down the deck to reach our storefront, the Captain’s Quarters, and step inside, where all the fun begins. Try not to get sea-sick, as ye start ye adventure by obtaining ye pirate hat and eye patch- an accessory that was not always used just to cover a scarred or lost eye.

Pirate Party!
February 26
Party ~ 4pm to 6pm
Pirate Costume Contest starting at 6:30pm

Take a gander at all the booty the Captain has on display- shirts, bags, jewelry and cups. Take your time, and look around, as there’s even more booty inside the treasure chest. The Captain also has some ‘spoils of war’ on display along the walls.

The Coxswain will be inside the Captain’s Quarters to assist anyone with registering to be a contestant in the pirate tourney. He can also assist with booking your own Tropical Treasure Hunt adventure – search for magic crystals and find Captain Jean Hamlin’s treasure, while on The Magic Portal treasure hunt; become an agent of a secret organization, and help save the world from a deadly virus, on the Operation Tropical Mindfall adventure; or test ye wits on a night time kayak while on the Ghost of Piracy Past treasure hunt.

Out on the deck, there will be a table filled with magical adventures. A timer will be provided to see how quickly ye can finish the tasks. Receive assistance from goblins and secret agents. Keep ye wits about ye and Good luck! Another table will have items to keep the little mateys busy, while the adults discuss the goings on. Throughout the event, the fierce Anne Bonny and her crew mate Kitara will be keeping and eye out for the scourge of the seven seas. Before the night is over, the wee ones will take turns trying to capture some booty.

As ye continue ye adventure, look for all the pirates that attend the party, and take note of their behavior. There will be a tourney at the end of the night to see which of them could become the next member of the Tropical Treasure Hunt Co crew. Keep your eyes peeled to see who may run a rig, or try to hornswoggle the judges. They may be a bit squiffy or loaded to the gunwales! Any lily livered landlubber is not for this crew and could become shark bait. Only the smartest, wittiest and toughest of the scallywags and hearty sea dogs could be chosen to become a part of the Tropical Treasure Hunt Co. crew.

Pirate vocabulary

  • Hearties – a term of familiarity or friendship
  • Jaunt – to walk
  • Gander – to look
  • Boatswain – a warrant officer or petty officer on a ship
  • Coxswain – the person who steers the ship
  • Run a Rig – play a trick
  • Hornswoggle – to cheat
  • Squiffy – somewhat intoxicated
  • Loaded to the gunwales – drunk
  • Lily-livered – a coward
  • Landlubber – a person unfamiliar with the sea
  • Strumpet – promiscuous woman
  • Scallywags – a mischievous person
  • Rapscallion – a scoundrel
  • Sea dogs – an old or experienced sailor
  • Scourge of the seven seas – a pirate known for his extremely violent nature aka Blackbeard

Batten down the hatches- as we end the evenings bouts with the winners of the raffles and the tourney of pirates. $400 in cash booty will be allotted. Special drinks will be available at Leatherback Brewery *with the purchase of a Tropical Treasure Hunt Co. cup and music by Jon Gazi.
There be plenty of grog and grub available at our surrounding Brethren Of The Coast – Pizza Amore, Chicken N’ Bowling, Benito’s Burritos, Paradise Bistro, and Dog House Pub.
There be no strumpets, rapscallions or scallywags allowed – this be a family event!

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