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Hunting for Destiny in St. Pete, Florida

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August 13, 2022

You heard it right adventure seekers, pirate history lovers, and Tropical Treasure Hunt fans! We are expanding our one-of-a-kind service to St. Petersburg, Florida this fall! This expansion has taken years of dreaming and planning and dreaming some more. I am excited to live part time in St. Pete to ensure we build the same level of quality adventures that we have in St. Thomas.

Why St. Pete?

To understand why we are expanding to St. Pete, it is best for me to explain that Tropical Treasure Hunt and bringing it to St. Pete is my destiny calling.

Since 2018, I have formed a deep belief in one’s destiny. Sorry to go philosophical or spiritual with you, but this belief has given me the confidence as well as the courage to risk everything to make a dream business come true. Starting a new business from scratch is an immense prospect, and the way to success sometimes seems like nothing but hurdles. You must have faith that the difficult decisions you make along the way will work out. From selling my first home to help grow the business, to giving up a promising career in talent management analytics to follow my passion, I have engaged in years of soul searching and sacrifice to ensure I am living my best life. And it is clear to me that my best life is focused on growing Tropical Treasure Hunt to outlive me.

What better place to expand than returning to the amazing St. Pete market, 45 minutes away from where I grew up. With four times the population of St. Thomas and its mix of locals and tourists looking for new and immersive ways to have fun, it was only fitting to bring our unique approach to pirates, puzzles, and paradise to St. Pete. Not to mention that pirates already have stronghold in the area, with Gasparilla (the largest pirate themed parade in the world, I highly recommend experiencing it if you have not) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (the NFL team I grew up rooting for and going to home games with my dad since I was eight years old) just 30 minutes away!


Finally, destiny has provided us a unique advantage when it comes to our corporate team building service. I believe what sets Tropical Treasure Hunt apart from other team building options is the focus on best practices in improving team performance rooted in psychology.

As fate would have it, I got my Master of Science degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (the study of human behavior at work) in 2010-2012 a few hours away from St. Pete at the University of Central Florida. This happened right at the time when the world’s leading researcher on team performance, Dr. Eduardo Salas, was teaching in the program. I then went on to forge a 7+-year career helping organizations select, develop, and better engage their workforce. Looking back, I don’t believe any of these opportunities I encountered were by chance.

For our wonderful past and future clients in St. Thomas, USVI, do not worry. Our team and business will continue to prioritize quality and adding new memorable adventures that bring people together in the USVI. As long as there is Tropical Treasure Hunt, there will be a Tropical Treasure Hunt in St. Thomas where the idea and passion were born.

May the winds be at your back as you continue to embark on your own destiny.

Anthony Schultz

Why Your Reviews Mean So Much To Us

Owner & Founder

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