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Pirates Treasure Museum

May 8, 2022

Pirates Treasure Museum - Tropical Treasure Hunt's Partners Corner

The Pirates Treasure Museum in Havensight

The Pirates Treasure Museum located in Havensight in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands is a close partner of The Tropical Treasure Hunt Co.

Since our inception, the majority of our packages include the opportunity for our clients to experience the museum while hunting for clues and immersing themselves in the rich history of Caribbean Piracy and the USVI. We are confident that our clients will find the museum to be a top attraction on the island as well as one of the best museums in the entire USVI.

We spoke with the general manager, Scott Bunn, about the Museum and what clients can expect, as well as the partnership with Tropical Treasure Hunt Co.

You can learn more about the Pirates Treasure Museum interactive exhibits and over 300 artifacts at their website:

A group of people pose with a man dressed as a pirate in front of the pirate museum.

Museum guests pose with Captain John Sparrow.

Please read the highlights of the interview here:
Tropical Treasure Hunt Co. (TTH Co.): Hi Scott, we wanted to know what are customers favorite thing about visiting the museum?

Scott: Our guests love the experience they have with our hands-on interactive exhibits that share the tale of treasure and deep-sea exploration along with the hundreds of authentic artifacts we showcase in the museum. And what guest doesn’t like our own Captain John to help them learn about piracy here in St. Thomas and the Caribbean, but also get a picture or two with him.

TTH Co.: Yes, we have heard directly from clients that the artifacts and interactive exhibits are incredible. Captain John is amazing and a crowd favorite! How many artifacts do you have on display for guests to learn about?

Scott: We currently have over 300 artifacts that we show in the museum that are currently on loan or have been recovered by Odyssey Marine Exploration

TTH Co.: We know The Pirate’s Treasure Museum is always working on new things to add to the client’s experience. Can you share with us what is planned in the future to continue to improve the guest’s experience?

Scott: We are always looking to bring in new exhibits that help bring our history alive. One thing we have been talking about is doing a wet conservation project here at the museum where people can actually see an artifact going through a conservation stage from beginning to end.

TTH Co.: That sounds very educational and interesting! Ok, last question. How does the partnership between Tropical Treasure Hunt & Pirate Treasure Museum improve both business offerings to clients?

Scott: The Pirates Treasure Museum and the Tropical Treasure Hunt offer a great combination. With the Tropical Treasure Hunt’s interactive treasure hunt across the island and the museums’ numerous treasures of gold and silver the guests can see, hold and learn about the history and how the pirates worked and how treasures from the past were made and transported around the world.

TTH Co.: We agree! We know our clients come out of the museum raving about the quality of the exhibits and the friendly staff. Many of our clients are blown away by the experience of the museum and tell us they will return to the museum, especially local clients who have this museum in their backyard. The Pirates Treasure Museum helps bring our historical pirate-themed adventure to life, with a client-focused staff, and it helps our clients understand the rich history of piracy in the Caribbean.

Thanks for your time Scott! We look forward to a busy season with the Pirates Treasure Museum!

Scott: My pleasure!

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