Tropical Treasure Hunt Partner - Chicken 'n Bowling.

Chicken & Bowling

Tropical Treasure Hunt Partner - Chicken 'n Bowling.

May 8, 2022

Since the Tropical Treasure Hunt’s inception, Chicken ‘n Bowling (C’nB) has been an integral partner. C’nB was one of the locations for kids and families to enjoy their birthday party treasure hunts before Tropical Treasure Hunt even had packages to choose from. The service has come a long way since those early days of building each hunt from scratch. Now, many of the corporate treasure hunts with up to 80 team members will visit the bowling alley sleuthing for clues around their approximately 10,000 square foot, two story entertainment zone. The corporate clients also compete in a fun bowling competition. Also, C’nB is one of the stops during the Pirates, Puzzles & Rum Hunt package, where a delicious rum drink can be enjoyed at their establishment during the epic four and a half hour* bar crawl.

We caught up with Chicken ‘n Bowling’s Owner, Jon Link, to get his perspective on our joint package, Pirate, Puzzles & Rum Hunt, as well as team building and their unique bowling alley. You can learn more about their establishment on their Facebook page.

Tropical Treasure Hunt Co. (TTH Co.): Hey Jon, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. First, what has the reaction been from our clients hunting for clues in your bowling alley during the Pirates, Puzzles & Rum? We have heard that the clues in the bowling alley can be a fun challenge.

Jon Link: The treasure hunters ALWAYS enjoy the rum hunt! From our standpoint it is just fun to watch people do something that is different from what we are normally able to do. From a staff perspective it is hilarious at times to watch how into it people get!

TTH Co.: Yeah, we agree! People really get into their treasure hunt! Especially since C’nB fills up their 20 oz Tropical Treasure Hunt tumblers with a strong rum punch before they begin solving puzzles! It is convenient that the U.S. Virgin Islands doesn’t have an open container law, so clients can travel from location to location with their alcoholic beverage

We find that one of the most memorable elements of our corporate treasure hunts is employees having the opportunity to earn bragging rights against coworkers with competitions that allow them to build stronger bonds. These competitions are much more positive for morale rather than counterproductive political competitions in the boardroom and department meetings. What has been the reaction from our corporate teams with the bowling competition from your perspective? Do you guys see fun trash-talking or celebrations between teams?”

Jon Link: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! We see both! I think that bowling is one of the best activities that any corporation can use to “break the ice” and form team bonding! Hands down one of the best ways!

TTH Co.: For sure! We understand that there is a popular bowling league at Chicken ‘n Bowling. Can you provide our readers with some information about the league and how they can join?

Jon Link: At this point we have been running two leagues per year. One is during the Spring slow season of late March to late June. The other is from late August to late December. Both are typically 12 team leagues (4 people per team). It is a league that uses handicaps, so it is the perfect combination of competition and social. Anyone can be a part of it, regardless of their skill level and still potentially win. It does cost money to participate but a large portion of the funds go to the prize money. I would highly recommend that anyone who enjoys bowling and having a good time try to get involved, however, spots fill up extremely quickly. We are interested in getting weekend long tournaments going as well as some daytime leagues perhaps.

TTH Co.: Other than bowling we know you guys have DJs, other live music and games. What are some of the most popular things customers enjoy outside of bowling?”

Jon Link: We have televisions everywhere you look, and we try to keep everyone entertained. Pool tournaments are about to start up on Tuesday nights. We have two tournament style ping pong tables and intend on hosting ping pong tournaments as well. We also have dart tournaments on Thursdays. Lastly, we have several different video game systems (i.e. N64, Xbox, and two emulators offering everything from Atari to PlayStation 1 and in between) and we will be holding happy hour tournaments for many, if not all, of these games. As far as DJs and live music, we typically have DJs on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

TTH Co.: It sounds like you have a lot of fun competitions and activities regardless if someone is a bowling fan. Do you have any big events or specials coming up?

Jon Link: We typically host very big events for NYE, Carnival (late April/early May), our anniversary (June) and Halloween. We also have monthly “Zodiac” parties to celebrate everyone’s birthdays. In all honesty, every weekend is an event here at Chicken ‘n Bowling!

TTH Co.: By the way, we love your chicken and wings. Especially the breaded ones with the delicious Peruvian green sauce. What are some of the other top sellers on the menu?

Jon Link: With chicken in our name, we must have nothing but the best chicken! Our rotisserie chicken is my personal favorite. Both are brined with our special recipe for at least 24 hours prior to being cooked. If you are vegetarian, our Bahn Mi sandwiches are AMAZING as well. For dessert our homemade Churros are also very, very good. Simple, fresh, and affordable. That is what we are going for!
We just added our “chicken bowl” and “veg ‘n bowl” which is several of our regular menu options put into one bowl. We just added them, and they have been a huge hit!”

TTH Co.: We appreciate your feedback and our continued partnership! We have some exciting corporate team building treasure hunts on the horizon and we are excited to bring them to C’nB!

Jon Link: Always a pleasure working with you guys and we look forward to continuing such a fun experience!

*edit 1/19/2023 – The Pirates, Puzzles, and Rum Hunt experience is four hours long.


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